A Return to Italy

Cooking with a generous spirit

Simple and seasonal ingredients are plentiful in the summer, and are the theme behind our upcomimg ‘Italy Returns’ Gourmet Wine Dinner later this month. In taking an approach to food that honours both purity and quality, this fine dining event will feature locally produced foods in exquisitely prepared classic Italian dishes.

Characterized for its extreme simplicity, Italian cuisine is traditionally created using only four or eight carefully chosen ingredients. What makes this style of eating so spectacular is the high quality of each succulently fresh element, as well as the simplicity of its process. On Tuesday June 26, Executive Chef Sean Cousins and the Kitchen Team at The Vancouver Club will delight guests with a traditional Italian meal that would make your grandmother proud.

Having adopted many Italian dishes into our vibrant Westcoast food culture, Chef Cousins embraces an underlying reverence for seasonal, local ingredients and the simple ways Italians have devised to highlight them. An Italian feast isn’t composed of one big entree surrounded by a supporting cast of lesser sides. Instead, it is an unfolding sequence of complementary dishes, to be lingered over, one at a time. At its heart, Italian cooking springs from a generous spirit celebrating the most glorious ingredients available by joyfully transforming them into something delicious.

In adherence to custom, this Italian inspired gourmet dinner will follow 4 courses. Starting with an Antipasto of ‘Buffalo Burrata’ (compressed tomato, mint gel and nitro olive oil), before moving to the primo Summer Truffle Poached Capon with radicchio and compressed grapes. With a secondo course of Confit Octopus with Citrus (fava beans, pea tendrils, basil, tomato sauce) and Chili Rubbed Venison Loin (‘vin cotto’ venison shoulder and cocoa ravioli, porcini and peach ragout) this gourmet offering is sure to tempt the generous spirit in all of us.