Celebrity Bartender Series with Danielle Tatarin

Vancouver’s 2012 Bartender of the Year

Celebrate the start of June and the impending summer with a classic cocktail at the 2012 Celebrity Bartender’s series.

On June 5th, The Vancouver Club plays host to Danielle Tatarin, Vancouver’s 2012 Bartender of the Year.

In cocktail circles, Danielle is infamous for her many roles and talents within Vancouver’s burgeoning bar scene. Not only is she the founder and current president of the Canadian Professional Bartender’s Association, she is also an unstoppable entrepreneur with her company Designer Cocktail, teaching classes on drink making and the history of spirits. Danielle spends much of her time travelling the globe to compete in cocktail competitions, and to seek inspiration for her impressive hand-crafted cocktail menu at The Keefer Bar. Read more about Danielle’s multifaceted talents in an extended interview with Vancouver Is Awesome.

Danielle’s personal cocktail style involves a true love of classic cocktails, yet she still knows how to have fun by adding house made bitters, tinctures and innovative syrups. Next week she faces off in a friendly competition with The Club’s master barman, Jonathan “Johnny” Richard, in a night that will put two of Vancouver’s most talented bartenders head to head. With Johnny’s penchant for the classic cocktail, and Danielle’s creative flair, it’s sure to be a competition to remember.