The Vancouver Club - Chocolate


Tasting Series


A tasting series introducing a different theme each month, such as tea, olive oil or chocolate, and exploring their varying gastronomic complexities.

Chocolate, a gastronomic seductress, the ultimate indulgence. Originating in the Amazon basin, cacao was reserved for Mayan society's elite. This precious bean was believed to be guarded by Mayan goddesses and a food offered to the Aztec god of light. Christopher Columbus is said to be the first to introduce cacao to the old world, and while its popularity did not immediately take hold, chocolate spread across Europe, from nobility to medicine. By early 1600's Vienna it was condemned as an inflamer of passions. The history of chocolate is long and winding and this simple bean of luxury and leisure has gripped the world.

6:00 p.m. 

$45. per person

By Reservation 604 685 9321