Etiquette Class

For Children


Adorable Young Children Smelling Daisy Together

Are the kids driving you crazy at the table with their phones, backwards baseball hats, and picky eating? Is their general lack of decorum causing you angst and embarrassment when dining out? Have you told them a million times and they just won't listen? 

In this afternoon class our resident etiquette specialist, Tim Ellison, will recap the basics for those that are new and delve into advanced table manners.

$50. per child

10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Includes lunch

By Reservation 604 685 9321


Topics to be reviewed:
Getting started - greetings and seating
Settling in - all your stuff
The Landscape – what’s all this stuff in front of me? What is mine to use and what do I use it for?
The napkin – where to put it throughout the meal and its use
Getting from the table to your mouth - Select, hold and use cutlery and glassware
Yucky food – what to do if you really don’t like something
Small talk – how to make adults think you are interested in what they are saying
The finish – what to do when it’s time to get back to your Xbox