Port Tasting with Winemaker Cristiano van Zeller

Tuesday January 31

Van Zeller is a mighty name within the annals of Port Wine history: its ancient ancestral roots penetrate deep into a pre-Napoleonic landscape and parallel the evolution of the modern Douro valley. Though not quite pre-Cambrian, the operatically proportioned Cristiano van Zeller cuts an imposing 21st century figure, solidly complimenting the granite and schistous folds of his jewel-like Quinta. With more than a passing resemblance to the great cinematic deity, Orson Welles, his flawless English enunciation, courtesy and measured dash of old-world Portuguese charm, make a lasting impression on all who encounter this buccaneering titan of Douro wine. By striving for perfection in all that he does, he honours his distinguished family name; from Quinta do Vale Dona Maria high above the Douro’s diminutive Rio Torto, to the baked sherry fields of Jerez in southern Spain, the one time owner of legendary Quinta do Noval and descendent of vinous aristocracy, lends his viticultural gravitas to so many. He shares a personal and irrepressible passion for the grape with collaborators and colleagues alike, while visiting his frequently irreverent humour on close friends and acquaintances.

5:30 pm in the Enoteca
$25 for Members and Guests
(includes 6 wines and a selection of canapés)