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Tech Talks

SEO & Superhuman


Featuring two technology-focused events in one day:

Lunch & Learn: Introduction to SEO
'How to Have Your Business Show up in Google'
11:45 p.m. in the Georgian Room
Lesson: 12:00 p.m. SHARP to 1:30 p.m.

Every day there are over 1.2 trillion searches made on Google - and many of those are people looking specifically to make a purchase. Businesses that tap into that search traffic have seen massive growth, while those that don't are often left in the dust online. But for many, the process of showing up in Google results is one of the internet's mysterious black boxes.

In this lunch and learn, RED Academy instructor Michael Steele will demystify why some businesses show up in Google while others don't and provide actionable steps and tools for you to help your business get more free traffic from Google. You'll walk away with:

- An understanding of why certain sites show up in Google over others
- A "keyword strategy" for knowing where to show up in Google
- A suite of tools to improve your online presence
- 5-10 immediate action items on how you can optimise your site for Google (no programming needed).

$65. Per person - Limited spots available
Includes lunch


Tech Talk: “State of the Union: Superhuman -
Biotech & Life Sciences" with Spencer Coppin
5:30 p.m. Reception in the Georgian Room
6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Discussion

The “State of the Union” is an address to the current state of technology and how it affects our lives, while ultimately asking “what is our progress towards the singularity?” In what state is our relationship with technology leading towards unity?

Join fellow members for monthly unique tech-focused events, from panel discussions to workshops, featuring the latest in innovation and futurist thinking. 

$35. per person. 
Members & guests. Includes canapé reception. Chit bar available

The future of health care is changing to “Self Care”. Understanding how to take care of your physiology does not have to be complicated or difficult. Spencer Coppin's mission is to help those who want to dig deeper into their health and uncover ways to improve their current health status and personal performance. He uses his background in traditional Chinese medicine, Functional medicine, and Longevity medicine as a framework for the Past, Present, and Future of Human Potential. Diseases are the strongest motivating factor that drives people to look more in depth at their health. But before disease shows up there are precursors setting the stage. Identifying these areas early on is key to prevention. His recommendation? Begin in your 20’s. Optimizing your physiology is the first step to achieving results.

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