Gourmet Wine Dinner - ‘Italy Returns’

Tuesday June 26

Not just the pepperoni pizzas of our childhood and all the superb dishes we’ve discovered in the years since then, but a whole approach to cooking and eating that has provided the inspiration for our ‘Italy Returns’ Gourmet Wine Dinner. Having adopted many Italian dishes as our own, we’ve come to embrace the underlying reverence for seasonal, local ingredients and the simple ways Italians have devised to highlight them. An Italian feast isn’t composed of one big entree surrounded by a supporting cast of lesser sides. Instead, it’s an unfolding sequence of complementary dishes, to be lingered over one by one.
At its heart, Italian cooking springs from a generous spirit celebrating the most glorious ingredients available and joyfully transforming them into something delicious.


Buffalo Burrata
compressed tomato, mint gel, nitro olive oil

Confit Octopus with Citrus
fava beans, pea tendrils, basil, tonnato sauce

Black Olive Crusted Sockeye Salmon
olive oil braised leeks, green garlic sauce, bottarga

Summer Truffle Poached Capon
radicchio, compressed grapes

Chili Rubbed Venison Loin
‘vin cotto’ venison shoulder and cocoa ravioli, porcini and peach ragout

Italian Artisan Cheeses and Condiments

Reception 6:30 p.m.
Dinner 7:00 p.m.
$110. per person
(dinner and wine pairings)

(Please note that due to the nature of this menu we are unable to accomodate special dietary concerns and food allergies)