The Vancouver Club - Membership is Open

Membership is Open

Our Best Together

Exclusively for you and your guests. Your weekday escape, your social milieu, your concierge, your Club. Our role is to help you take care of your business, both personal and professional... 

Talk about smart business. Over a lobster clubhouse and chilled Riesling you can relax and discuss that new project — no cell phones, no distractions. Colleagues feel at ease; ideas flow. Kate brings steaming cappuccinos while the fireplace crackles in the background.

Upstairs, the Presidents West room is prepped for the afternoon strategy session. There’s wi-fi access, an LCD projector and the caffeine is continually refreshed. It’s private and polished. A guest room has been reserved for the head of marketing. She’ll spend a comfortable night here before catching the early flight to New York.

Interested in membership? You belong here.

For more information contact our Membership Team:

Megan Armstrong
604 331 7013

Janik Livera
604 331 7019

Alexis Stocker
604 331 7019

Membership under the direction of Kelly Thomas, Director of Sales