Gourmet Wine Dinner with Guest Chef Mourad Lahlou

November 13

GOURMET WINE DINNER - prepared by Guest Chef Mourad Lahlou
November 13

Mourad Lahlou is the Chef behind San Francisco’s Aziza, where his cuisine marries the traditions of Morocco with the fresh local ingredients of the Bay Area and the advanced culinary techniques employed by only the most modern of chefs. Virtually self-taught, he learned to cook “accidentally” while at university, trying to recreate the dishes of his childhood Morocco and longing for a connection to home. Eventually abandoning his studies to open a restaurant with the support of friends and his former professors, his restaurant became a success almost overnight and took him from economics major to major chef. Today, he is known as the Chef behind the innovative cuisine at Aziza and has a Michelin Star to boot!

Reception 6:30 p.m.
Dinner 7:00 p.m.
Members and Guests
(includes dinner, wine and a signed copy of ‘Mourad:New Morroccan’)