The Vancouver Club - A Quiet Moment in Bar 3

For Business

Talk About Smart Business

Talk about smart business. Over a signature crab cocktail and chilled Riesling you can relax and discuss that new project — no cell phones, no distractions. Colleagues feel at ease; ideas flow. Kate brings steaming cappuccinos while the fireplace crackles in the background.
Upstairs, the Presidents West room is prepped for the afternoon strategy session. There’s wi-fi access, an LCD projector and the caffeine is continually refreshed. It’s private and polished. A guest room has been reserved for the head of marketing. She’ll spend a comfortable night here before catching the early flight to New York.

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Thursday is the 100-mile dinner and wine tasting event. You’re sipping Naramata pinot when you spot a good friend from college. He’s the creative director at an up-and-coming agency. Drinks are planned for the following week and an inspired collaboration could be in the works.

For Entertaining

The Party of the Year, All Year

Your best friend said it would be the party of the year. She wasn’t kidding. The annual Extravaganza has transformed the Club into a Motown carnival. Pink-haired backup dancers shimmy to the sounds of the ’60s. The dance floor is jumping with sequins and feathers, tuxes and tails. In the billiards room, tables are piled to the rafters with enough charcuterie and fine cheese to feed the entire city.

The Vancouver Club - Secret Garden

A few days later, the mood is decidedly quieter. Friends from Seattle have arrived for live jazz in Bar 3. They’re cozied up in club chairs, watching the street below and sipping Shiraz from your liquor locker. It’s the same bottle you first sampled at a members’ cellar sale. They’ll spend the night here in a private room you reserved last month. Given that the house is still knee-deep in renovations, these guest accommodations are a godsend.

The Vancouver Club - Party in the Georgian Room The Vancouver Club - A Drink in Bar 3 The Vancouver Club - Dessert in the Georgian Room The Vancouver Club - Decisions in the Wine Cellar

For Women

Connect with the Smartest Women in the City

After a stress-taming Pilates class in the Club’s fitness studio, you check in with your personal trainer to schedule next week’s sessions. With these facilities so close to the office, it has never been easier to fit in a workout. Unfortunately, it’s also harder to make excuses.

The Vancouver Club - Reflections out the Window of the Grill

Now it’s time to unwind. Friends are waiting with cocktails in the Bar Lounge. No one’s calling. Candles flicker on the gold mosaic bar; it’s a moment of peace after a hectic day. The group finalizes the details for a friend’s upcoming birthday bash. It’s a big one that ends in a zero. The event staff has been incredibly hands-on, planning a quirky and sophisticated night she’ll never forget.

Next week is a port and chocolate tasting hosted by colleagues and fellow Run for the Cure volunteers. With a well-aged glass of tawny in one hand and a nibble of Valrhona in the other, it’s the perfect way to connect with some of the sharpest women in the city.

The Vancouver Club - Conversation in the Georgian Room The Vancouver Club - A Drink in Bar 3 The Vancouver Club - Workout Intensive in the Gym The Vancouver Club - Party in the Georgian Room

For Men

Connect with a More Refined Era

Rarely do you accessorize your best suit with a bib, but tonight is no ordinary night. This is the Men’s Black Tie Lobster dinner. It started with martinis and progressed into shellfish carnage. Everyone’s here and looking sharp. Those guys really clean up well.

The Vancouver Club - JD's Barbershop

The Vancouver Club

When the meal is done, the group moves up to the Captain’s Bar. This intimate room always evokes a more refined, more gentlemanly era. You pull a bottle of single malt from your personal liquor locker. A few of the guys shoot some pool and others sink into leather chairs and talk shop. City lights sparkle from the windows. It’s hard to remember the last time you felt so content. Tomorrow morning you’ll hit JD’s Barbershop for a hot shave and a haircut. It’s the best way to ensure a clear head before the big presentation; well, that and a good run on the treadmill and breakfast in the Grill. When everyone has signed on the dotted line, the team will be back here to celebrate.

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