Aesop Classic Skin Care

Superlative products for skin, hair and body

Healthy, glowing skin is the byproduct of a balanced lifestyle, careful cleansing, and appropriate hydration. Genetic and hormonal factors also play a role in skin’s appearance, as do climate and pollution, which means that choosing the right skin care products requires careful consideration.

To help with this choice, The Vancouver Club is pleased to offer members and their guests Aesop products for use in The Club. Beginning with the men’s section of the health club, we are working to supply this exclusive product throughout The Club.
Aesop’s commitment to exquisite skin care are beneficial for the skin and a sensory pleasure to use.

Aesop’s products are a manifestation of years of scrupulous scientific research, and contain the highest-quality ingredients, of both botanical and non-botanical origin, sourced from the most reputable suppliers across the globe. Look for the Aesop line in and around The Club this Spring.