Armagnac Marcel Trepout

France’s first Brandy

When Heads-of-State visit France and are presented with a gift from the French Government, it’s always Armagnac Marcel Trepout.

Known throughout France as the Gourmet’s Armagnac, connoisseurs maintain that Trepout is the world’s top brandy. It has strong and refined aromas defined by essences of vanilla, butter, pine oranges, alcohol, prunes, caramel, and biscuit. The taste is both supple and well-rounded with hints of orange. This Bas-Armagnac possesses no harshness and is extremely well-balanced.

Once an ounce is poured into a brandy snifter it is slowly warmed by swirling in the hand. After this fine liqueur has warmed to body temperature, the aromas and taste can be truly appreciated.

Produced at the Chateau Notre-Dame in the heart of the Gascony, the stocks of Trepout date back to the 1830’s.

Due to the limited quantities of these rare casks, only 6 mixed cases have ever been produced. The Club was proud to offer one case for purchase this Christmas, which included one 700mL bottle of the following vintages:

Vintage 1909
Vintage 1918
Vintage 1926
Vintage 1934
Vintage 1940
20 Years Hors d’Age

Armagnac Marcel Trepout is just one of the many exclusive vintages The Club has on offer for Members and guests. As one of the largest wine buyers in B.C., we have something for every palate. Contact The Vancouver Club’s Sommelier Martha McAvity at 604.331.7015 for more information on The Club’s wine cellar.