Armagnac Trepout ‘Les Decades’ Collection - SOLD

An Irreplaceble Gift…

When Heads-of-State visit France and are presented with a gift from the French Government, it is always Armagnac Marcel Trepout. Known throughout France as L’Armagnac des gourmets (the Gourmet’s Armagnac), Armagnac Trepout is produced at the Chateau Notre-Dame in the heart of the Gascoigne. The stocks of Trepout date back to the 1830’s. Armagnac is France’s first brandy. It has concentrated complex aromas and tremendous length. It is not at all like Cognac. The grapes, soil conditions, climate and distillation and ageing techniques are completely different. To the true connoisseur, Armagnac is the world’s top brandy.
Due to the limited quantities of these rare Armagnac, only 6 mixed cases have ever been produced and one of them is available here.
The case includes one 700mL bottle of each of the following:
Vintage 1909 Vintage 1918
Vintage 1926
Vintage 1934
Vintage 1940
20 Years Hors d’Age
(plus applicable taxes)
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