Tequila Especial

With Canada’s National Tequila Examiner Eric Lorenz

Cinco de Mayo is known for its vibrant celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. It is also a time to enjoy oneself by appreciating some of the best tequila, mezcal, sotol, and other agave spirits around.

On May 9, in honour of this weekend’s Tequila Expo and last week’s Cinco de Mayo members and guests joined Eric Lorenz, for a special Cinco De Mayo tequila tasting night at The Vancouver Club. Guests learned the difference between adulterated tequilas and 100% blue agave tequilas, and enjoyed sipping them like a fine Scotch or Cognac. Mr Lorenz is a founding Partner of the Vancouver International Tequila Expo and Canada’s National Tequila Examiner.

Eric is renowned for his tasting expertise, and offers a portfolio of boutique tequila and mezcal brands. He is Canada’s first Certified Mezcalier, holds the Distintivo “T” Diploma from the Consejo Regulador del Tequila, certifications from WSET, and has been a Judge at the famed Spirits of Mexico Competition in San Diego. His wealth of knowledge about the ancient pre-Hispanic origins of the blue agave plant is truly amazing.

If you missed Eric at The Vancouver Club on Wednesday, he can be found in the Grand Tasting Hall of the Vancouver International Tequila Expo, happening at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Saturday May 12. This event will provide participants with a taste of the excellent selection of tequila brands, styles, and expressions available right here in Vancouver. Partial proceeds of all tickets sold will benefit the BC Hospitality Foundation.

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Photo by Leonora Enking.