The Vancouver Club - JJ Bean

Rich in Character and Full Bodied

JJ Bean Coffee at The Club

Making the perfect cup of coffee requires select ingredients, precise action, and just the right amount of time.

In this video, Grady from JJ Bean shows us how brewing coffee with a French press ensures high quality complex flavours in every cup. This method retains the natural oils of the coffee that are normally absorbed by the paper filter.

JJ Bean provides excellent coffee because they seek out ideal conditions in growing, location and community when purchasing from single origin suppliers. Not only do they look to enhance local economies, but they seek to build lasting relationships with every interaction.

The Vancouver Club is pleased to offer members and guests French press JJ Bean coffee with table service. Each clear, fresh cup is rich in character and full bodied, with a pleasant lingering finish. Join us for a meal today and try one of the best cups of coffee in Vancouver.

You can find more video from The Vancouver Club on our Vimeo page.