The Vancouver Club - Bartender Series - Old Fashioned

Bartender Series - Old Fashioned

The original cocktail

The trick to mastering a classic is always in the details. In this case: hand made candied orange, everything in delicate balance, carefully selected bourbon and, more carefully selected bourbon.

You can find more videos from The Vancouver Club on our Vimeo page.

In honour of The Club’s sold out Extravaganza, master barman Jonathan ‘Johnny’ Richard crafts his take on the timeless Old Fashioned. Members and guests will join us on Friday, October 5th for no less than four floors, six rooms and eight bars featuring champagne, signature cocktails, gourmet edibles, outstanding entertainment. Watch the last video in the Celebrity Bartender Series, Johnny’s Curiositorium, or see the video full screen and more on The Vancouver Club’s Vimeo page.