Covenant House Sleep Out to Support Youth Homelessness

I’m Sleeping Out (in my suit), So Homeless Youth Don’t Have To!

The hour is fast approaching, the donations are climbing, and I am wholly unprepared, both physically and mentally, for the long, cold night that awaits.

For a second year, Club member Brad McArthur and I have pledged to sleep outside on the streets of Vancouver in solidarity with those youth who may face many more cold, lonely nights. I’ll wear my suit, as I did last year. After all, I’m representing The Vancouver Club and one should look their best when doing so. Once darkness hits, we’ll tuck into our sleeping bags, a thin piece of cardboard between us and the icy concrete sidewalk below.

Last year, the electric socks I wore in hopes of keeping warm failed to work. The wind was so unbearably intense that I’d cinched my sleeping bag tightly closed, leaving but a small hole to peek through. Sleep was fleeting in the shivering night air. It was unpleasant, to say the least, yet rewarding in the thought that we might save at least one youth from this experience. So, here we are, doing it again.

We each have our reasons for choosing to take part and it is heartening to see our community rally together to help Covenant House; from fellow professionals who have fundraised and will lay with me for a night on the streets, to every individual who has generously donated in any amount they can. Youth are particularly vulnerable. The work that Covenant House Vancouver is doing to provide funding for mental health, addictions counselling and care can be a monumental turning point in their lives.

The Vancouver Club is committed to a mandate of corporate social responsibility and participating in the Covenant House Sleep Out, both monetarily and with presence, is one avenue in which we’ve chosen to give back to our community.

Please show your support and donate by February 20th, 2020, on my behalf and The Vancouver Club will match a portion of donations made in my name. Last year we raised over $40,000, exceeding all individual and corporate participants. This year, with your help, are already over $50,000!

It will be a cold night, but rest assured I’ll be the best dressed.

Thank you all for your generous support.


Philip Ireland
General Manager & COO
The Vancouver Club