Weekly Update:

A Message from our President

Weekly update to our membership

Dear Vancouver Club community,

As the new fiscal year begins, we are closely looking at the financial implications facing The Vancouver Club. Not unlike the pandemic, we are expecting to see a curve, hopefully, one that will flatten sooner than later.

We are happy to note that members are keeping their accounts up to date; your support of the Club in this regard is vital in seeing our Club through the coming months. Your Board continues to meet weekly and along with management, we are looking cautiously and prudently at the year ahead. We will continue to keep you abreast of ongoing developments, any decisions made and any strategies going forward.

It is incredibly heartwarming to witness the outpouring of care and generosity from members. The response to the employee food care programme has been overwhelmingly positive and a small, dedicated team from the Club will continue to keep our employees and their families well stocked and cared for. Thank you to all who have contributed thus far, as mentioned in my last update, your acts of kindness are felt in a very profound way.

Each week, General Manager Mr Philip Ireland is broadcasting live to the employees to give them updates on the status of the Club, assure them of continued access to their benefits, and inform them of government assistance which should have a positive impact on their present predicament. He continues to remind them of your concern and the value that each of them brings to our Club.

The Club’s management team will be unveiling new initiatives to keep our membership informed and engaged with our Club. This week the Club launched our first take out option aimed at our senior membership.

We are optimistic about returning to a new normal and welcoming you back as soon as we are able.

Stephanie Burns Staiano
The Vancouver Club President

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