Employee Food Care Programme

Caring for our Employees

On the days we deliver food care packages, our employees send me pictures of themselves, their partners, their families. In these grinning snapshots, the contents of a box are being joyfully emptied. The box itself is white, well-proportioned, and bears the letters VC. It will be familiar to our members, who have so widely supported our programme of “Take-Out or Delivery.”

The box is the medium, and the medium is the message.

We are conscious of our branding, but the gesture is more about who we are. I have always felt that when you enter the doors of 915 West Hastings Street you become your best self. Having dignity, the Club dignifies. This is as true for our staff as it is for our members.

Last week, members of our Board of Directors loaded up their cars and drove off to deliver our employee food care boxes. Soon enough, front door portraits of our serving staff being served came flooding in. They tell a story of human solidarity, of loving reciprocity.

For now, the Club’s doors are closed, but let us continue to strive to be our best selves. For as long as needed, let us continue to send the following message to our furloughed staff:

You belong.

If, as a member, you would like to add your voice to those who are already funding the Employee Food Care Programme, suggested donations range from $100 to $250, $1,000, or more. Your contribution will count toward your Minimum Food Spend.

If you would like to contribute, please email our accounting team at


Philip Ireland
General Manager & COO