Messages from our President
& our General Manager

Charting Our Course

“Homecoming” A Message from our President

Dear Vancouver Club community,

I feel the pull of homecoming as strongly as you and I am delighted, on behalf of your Board of Directors, to share that we have members’ open house tours planned for the last 2 weeks of June and a tentative reopening date of June 29th. Please read Philip Ireland’s letter below, it is one of many to come in the weeks ahead that will detail our return to our fine Club.  

We are our best together. We are The Vancouver Club.


Stephanie Burns Staiano
The Vancouver Club President

“Charting Our Course” A Message from our General Manager

Lately, leaning over the floor plans of 915 West Hastings, I’ve come to realize that we are actually studying maps, that we are, in fact, setting a course. This is fitting. Like other organizations, we are trying to find a way across the warring waves of fear versus necessity in this perfect storm. Collectively, we must steer our way through. This is a once-in-a-generation test for our club and for our members, who stand firm at this economy’s many helms.
What is the Club’s course to be? Inward. Toward its very heart. 
Every journey has its risks and rewards. As to risks, the increased expenses of operating safely while facing a dramatic downturn in member usage and general revenues will drive certain dips in profits. We will have to address lines of credit for power to manoeuvre.
As to rewards, we see an opportunity. Due to the 50% capacity rule, many local restaurants won’t be able to venture back into the sit-down market immediately. And those that do make the attempt will face a challenge. Will potential patrons, such as our members, feel absolutely certain that regulations are being followed to the letter? And will our members, guessing that they will be surrounded by strangers, feel confident that everyone will behave well and in accordance with the times? 
Contrast this with what our member will know about their beloved club: they will know that it is private; they will know that it is rules-based; they will know that friends and acquaintances will be waiting for them. And they will also know that the Club’s standards – in all their excellence – will be applied just as fervently to safety as they are to luxury. These are values at the heart of the Club. This will be our heading. 
And so, referring to our floor plans (our maps), we will work from the outside in, securing a private enclave for our members by reducing and manning all designated entrances, as well as reducing or eliminating all those that are secondary. Members will book visits in advance through a very strict and well-managed reservation system. As to guests and suppliers, it will be mandatory to register upon arrival. For all, entry will be contingent upon temperature checks. 
Within the enclave, we will constantly sanitize through scheduled deep cleaning, fogging, and many more measures. Amidst these and other sanitation protocols, as well as a more prominent cleaning team, our staff will don protective gear (stylishly, of course), having been trained in its proper usage as directed by WorkSafeBC, with all staff certified by Yellow Cross, and under ongoing supervision. We will also deploy technology such as temperature alarms, as well as other mitigations, such as the use of more disposables.
Once inside, what route will the member take and what will be their destination? For now, several beloved routes and rooms will be cut off. The Club must present and adhere to a social distancing plan, taking advantage of larger private rooms, but also addressing back areas of the Club that have been neglected, such as staff change rooms and break areas. 
In other words, the map has changed for both staff and members, but we will share its every revision through the Club’s comprehensive communications plan. Weekly teleconferencing with employees will continue. So too will weekly letters from the President, as well as frequent social posts and emails, keeping members both engaged and informed. 
These are actually exciting times. The course we are steering is inward, but it will be filled with as much discovery as any exploration. Probably more. Channels, now frozen, will open up, while others, now open, might close, but all will be in harmony with the current constant, which is change.
Nevertheless, we will find our way.
After all, does our club not bear the name of a great captain who was also one of history’s finest navigators?


Philip Ireland
General Manager & COO

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