Dear Vancouver Club community,

It feels almost surreal to look back over the last few months and reflect upon the shift our lives have collectively taken. This makes returning to our dear clubhouse both a joy and a comfort. Walking through the front doors of the Club this past week for the open house felt like a homecoming, a return to safe sanctuary. I had this immediate sense of ease and familiarity. Seeing the friendly faces of our longstanding staff, it felt like home. I had taken this for granted, and it was good to be back.

If you did not have the opportunity to visit the Club in person during the open house, I encourage you to join myself and your Vice President, Christopher Gaze, for a guided virtual tour through the video above. The rooms and spaces are beautifully appointed and ready for your return.

Our club officially reopens “by Reservation” today. It is a moment we have longed for, to step foot into the marble lobby once more, to share a drink with friends and family in these wood-panelled rooms which hold our stories, our history. Some services will remain paused, such as breakfast and personal trainers in the gym, with a look to reintroduce them in the fall, while Thursday and Friday evenings will take on a more social atmosphere for the summer months – social distancing still respected – and the ever-popular Rooftop Rosé has returned. As we ease back in, our systems and offerings will evolve and grow.

As The Vancouver Club enters into its 127th year and Canada into its 153rd year, today we reopen our doors with celebration for both.

We are our best together. We are The Vancouver Club.

Stephanie Burns Staiano
The Vancouver Club President

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