Safely Reopening Monday

Club Update

Safely Reopening Monday:


Dear Members,

We are happy and relieved to report that the Club will safely reopen Monday morning. We have spoken with Vancouver Coastal Health and WorkSafeBC who have confirmed that the potential COVID-19 exposure did not meet their definition of “close contact” and they have determined that the risk level to members, guests and staff is minimal. We have been given the all-clear to reopen as we have gone “above and beyond” what they would have asked us to do given their risk assessment.

Over the weekend, we will continue with the deep cleaning process begun today, ensuring all surfaces and shared touchpoints are thoroughly sanitized for the return of members, guests, and staff.

The actions and communication were taken in collaboration with the Board of Directors whose input was invaluable in addressing our response to this situation. Their support going forward will ensure our success in the coming weeks.

We are grateful to have strong protocols in place which allowed us to act swiftly. This has been an important reminder that COVID-19 is still here and we must all ensure that we are taking the recommended precautions to mitigate risk to ourselves and others.

I would personally like to thank the membership for their continued understanding and support.

With care and concern,

Philip Ireland
General Manager & COO