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Dear Members,

Long have we known where we must go, unable – quite yet – to get there. We hold our heading, having lost headway. Now, following yesterday’s announcements from Dr. Henry, we shall pilot the rest of our course.

What is The Vancouver Club’s course? A careful elaboration of operations over the next four weeks, with every week seeing fresh growth of our food and menu offerings, as well as signature services. We will do this gradually, observing mask requirements and physical distancing whilst continuing to register members and guests for contact tracing.

Such growth will require the return of furloughed staff, and how wonderful it will be to welcome them back! We shall do so with care and affection, with fresh training and thorough acclimation to the Club’s current restrictions.

And so, back together, we resume our thwarted journey.

Now…there is a point in the ancient Greek epic The Odyssey when the ship’s crew can no longer control their curiosity. While their captain sleeps, they cannot resist untying the rough rope restraining a huge bag, bulging in the cargo. Unfortunately, the bag contains the adverse winds, which escape and blast the ship all the way back to the start of their long and arduous journey. Most heartbreaking of all is that their tired fingers fumbled with the knot in sight of their beloved Ithaka. They were almost home. They actually could see their loved ones tending fires on the beach.

I think we can all relate to this feeling. Hands calloused by the oars, almost broken by the winter’s storm, in late March it seemed we were almost home. Then, suddenly, we found ourselves right back where we started. It is not to liken the “circuit breaker” to a bulging bag of adverse winds that I paraphrase Homer, but merely to borrow an ancient wisdom that, as humans, we must show the greatest caution when closest to our goals.

At the organizational level, one of the riskiest actions one could take during this pandemic was to make too many firm predictions.

And so, just as Dr. Henry proposes four discrete phases to reopening the province, we grant ourselves four creative weeks to carefully reopen the Club. Further, just as she prudently builds in flexibility by only making a few commitments within each phase, leaving space for divergence, we shall, again, do the same. Each week, roughly, shall take a robustly malleable form, contained by a name, a sort of theme. We therefore propose:

Week 1: Today until May 30th – Reset
Week 2: May 31st to June 6th – Retrain
Week 3: June 7th to June 13th – Rebrand
Week 4: June 14th to June 20th – Reopen

Only at the outset of each week will we communicate to you which services will resume, which areas will come back into use. As caution demands an open approach, we won’t fully plan week three until weeks one and two have refined our ideas. Such caution will enable the process to be cumulative. Whichever new service is introduced in a given week, it shall continue.

Well! What a long journey it’s been. To give a nod to a certain General Manager, we have most certainly “Charted Our Course”. And now here we are, tired but together, oars raised, floating just offshore, just beyond the rocks and reefs and currents from our true home, which used to be called ordinary life.

Let us carefully read the waters, but let’s put our backs into it!

With Immense Gratitude,

Christopher Gaze