Winter Snowshoeing Essentials

Be prepared and stay safe on the trails while you enjoy BC’s best winter scenery together. A new season of adventure awaits!


  1. Clothing
    • Warm, waterproof winter boots
    • Waterproof-breathable jacket (GORE-TEX)
    • Waterproof-breathable pants (CORE-TEX)
    • Synthetic, quick-drying underwear & sports bra
    • Base layer top & bottoms
    • Mid-layer fleece jacket, lightweight puffy jacket or wool sweater
    • Waterproof gloves or mitts, plus liners and an extra pair
    • Toque, plus a lightweight spare (or a balaclava or toque/neck gaiter combo)
    • Ski goggles (optional)
    • Warm socks, plus an extra pair (wool or wool-blend)
  2. Equipment
    • 15-30 litre backpack
    • Rain cover or pack liner
    • Trekking poles with snow baskets
    • Snowshoes (all mountain w/ rugged bottom)
    • Extra snowshoe straps
    • Microspikes (optional)
    • Gaiters (optional)
  3. Food & Drink
    • Water (½ litre for every hour planned)
    • Food & Snacks (plus a little extra)
    • Hot drinks (ground coffee, tea, hot chocolate) 
    • Electrolytes (optional)
  4. Safety Gear
    • Headlamp w/ extra batteries
    • Whistle or signalling device (mirror, strobe, flashlight)
    • Knife / Multitool
    • Phone & ID
    • Emergency blanket/bivy
    • First-aid kit *Hike leader will carry a First-Aid Kit for group
    • Avalanche transceiver *If trained to use
    • Avalanche probe *If trained to use
  5. Optional Items
    • Power bank or spare batteries for electronic devices (keep them warm)
    • Notebook and pencil
    • Hand and toe warmers (pop one into your boots before you slip into them in the morning)
    • Toilet paper
    • Binoculars/Camera




For additional information or questions, and for assistance sourcing equipment, email VC Fitness Coordinator, Kevin Wilson at