FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2022

Proposed Bylaw Updates

Dear Vancouver Club Members,

Last summer, I was tasked with updating the bylaws by our President, Dean Medwid. I believe that I have delivered a comprehensive and necessary review of our bylaws with the help of a strong and very opinionated Governance Committee and active Board. I must give special thanks to my Co-Chair, Matthew Swanson. The attachment below is the product of hundreds of volunteer hours as every person on the project contributed their time.

That being said, a significant portion of the existing bylaws were not changed. Instead, the current provisions were all reorganized into a more logical sequence.

Our review focused on a few key concepts. Firstly, bringing the bylaws into compliance with the Societies Act. We were lacking in a few fundamental regards, and these have been corrected. Secondly, we modernized the bylaws to consider demographic and social trends. Thirdly, we have increased transparency to make rules clearer and easier to follow. Lastly, we have increased accountability for Directors, Members and Management. For example, if the Club starts to track under budget, there are now clear obligations to actively notify and correct so that finances stay on track.

We expect to provide a PowerPoint presentation at the Town Hall that goes over the main changes. For example, there are new rules on Member Discipline (Bylaw 19) and Director Conflict of Interest disclosure (Bylaw 11).

Lastly, we will be preparing some “Frequently Asked Questions” as part of the Town Hall meeting.

One question that has already come up is, why now and not at the next Annual General Meeting? One of the key changes to the bylaws is an overhaul of the voting process for Directors that the Board strongly feels should be in place for the upcoming election (Bylaw 18).

I look forward to discussing and hopefully passing the proposed bylaws that the current Board has fully endorsed.

As a reminder, the Town Hall is on Tuesday, March 22nd at 5:30 pm in the Ballroom or online.


Tim Brown, Chair
The Governance Committee
Matthew Swanson, Co-Chair
Members: John Parker, Charlsy Dobell, Michel Matifat,
Mark Fancourt-Smith, Dr. Robert Jones & James Ferguson

Read the proposed bylaws: