Member Fee Schedule

Fees over and above membership dues may be applied to member accounts for the following: Paper Statement Fee … $2 monthlyAdministrative Convenience Fee for Credit Card Auto Payments … $15 monthlyOverdue Interest … 2.5 % of account balance over 30 daysEntrance Fee Instalment Interest … 5% simple interestService Fee … $10 for account balance over […]

Town Hall with the Governance, Signature Service & HR/Compensation Committees

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2021, 6:00 PM The November 30 Town Hall featured presentations from the Governance, Signature Service and HR/Compensation Committees. Governance Chair, Mr. Tim Brown, spoke to the process for amending bylaws and shared important dates for 2022 including a Special General Meeting on March 21, 2022, and the Annual General Meeting on June 13, 2022. Club […]

Town Hall Q&As

At the October 20 Town Hall, Membership Chair Dr. Briar Sexton shared the Member Satisfaction Survey results and the Executive and the Chair of Finance, Ms. Kristine Simpson presented the year-to-date financial update. In addition, Board President Mr. Dean Medwid announced that Philip Ireland will be stepping down from his position as General Manager and C.O.O. at the end of 2021. Following […]