Thursday, May 4

Calligraphy Workshop Series

Join acclaimed local artist and expert calligrapher LeLe Chan to explore the ancient art of calligraphy and learn the skills to create your very own custom place cards, greeting cards and wall art. Ages 16+ welcome!

This fun, creative series begins on Thursday, May 4, and consists of three classes:

Day 1: Calligraphy Basics
Thursday, May 4

Learn the basics of calligraphy letter forms and the proper use of calligraphy pens. Beginning with the alphabet, learn to artfully create letters in upper and lower case. Attendees will take home an instructional booklet, a set of calligraphy pens and practice sheets so they can practice the letter forms in preparation for the next class.

Day 2: Flourishing & Connecting
Thursday, May 18

Learn to connect letters into flowing words and phrases, and add flourishes (swirls and swooshes) for emphasis and artistic flair. Attendees will take home a flourishing guidebook to add to their kit and use with their practice pens and sheets.

Day 3: Layout & Design
Monday, May 29

Learn the fundamentals of artistic layouts through an overview of graphic design basics. Then, put your newfound skills and knowledge into practice and create your own work of art. Attendees will receive a set of blank greeting cards and envelopes as well as 9” x 12” calligraphy cardstock to create their own artwork on.

Please note that workshops are only available to reserve as a series of three and are not available as single sessions.

6:00 pm Reception
6:30 pm Workshop

275 per person
Includes calligraphy kit, three professionally-guided classes plus welcome cocktail & light snacks at each workshop

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About LeLe Chan
Filipino artist, calligrapher and tattoo artist, LeLe is on a decolonization journey and much of her work is heavily influenced by pre-colonial Filipino culture, languages and folklore. Her passion is to share the culture and history of her people with anyone who is interested. She is currently a resident artist at the City Centre Artist Lodge, where she creates her artwork and illustrations.

LeLe offers calligraphy, engraving and illustration services for brand experiences and events. As a former wedding planner, LeLe has a passion for events and now applies her artistic talents in person, working with local and luxury businesses and brands such as Nordstrom, Holt Renfrew, Givenchy, Coach, David Yurman, The Vancouver Club, and many others.

LeLe lives in East Vancouver with her husband, two daughters, four cats, and golden retriever (it’s a full house). She never says no to cake, and loves a good glass of rosé. When she isn’t working in her art studio or travelling the world, she is likely binge-watching sci-fi or fantasy shows on TV. She loves everything that has to do with good design, making beautiful things, and most importantly, striving to fulfill her life mission to put smiles on faces.

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