Fitness Class Schedule

Stretch and strengthen with yoga, pilates and barre or build up your stamina with fast-paced classes like boxing or HIIT. Treat your body with active recovery on rest days with Release & Restore or Mobility & Myofascial Release.
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Fitness on the Go

Whether rushing between yoga class and the office or taking in a quick workout during a pressed lunch hour, grab a healthy snack to keep you energized.

In the Fast Lane

Swim Club

Our Swim Club is spoiled with beachside training at the outdoor Kits Pool during summer months and shoulder season steps from the Club at the YWCA.

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Personal Training

Boxing, weights, technique, or improved mobility. Personalize your fitness regimen and target key challenges with expert guidance from certified professionals.

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Hiking Club

Get outside and experience some of BC’s most beautiful local hikes.
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Strength & Stamina

In the Ring


Our boxing program builds strength, tone, and confidence. Come bring your cardio to the next level.
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The Wellness Guide

Advice from fitness experts on developing healthy habits to achieve long-term goals.

Plan for Healthier Eating


Choose Fibre-Rich Foods

The Power of Protein