A Message from our President

Spring Renewal

A Message from our President It has been – to slightly misuse the words of the Bard – a limping winter. We’ve made the best of it, having celebrated virtually our weddings, our Christmas season, and new events for the new year such as Burns Night and Valentine’s day. In fact (in spite of everything) […]

JD’s Barbershop

Thursday, January 1st

Topnotch service and pampering from Judah Down and his experienced team.

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Habit Challenge #3: Vegetables

Eat the Rainbow

Ditch the diet fads improve your health with a simple change

The Power of Hydration

Habit Challenge #2: Water Water is a key building block of good health. Do we practice the right habits to optimize its benefits?


Hiking Club

Get outside and experience some of BC’s most beautiful local hikes.
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Preparation is Key to Staying Safe on the Trails

Hiking Club Essentials

Enjoy beautiful BC and stay safe on the trails. Before setting out, consider the conditions and ensure you are prepared. Recommended Items: · Proper Hiking Boots/Shoes (no gym shoes or sandals) · Proper Hiking Clothing (no cotton, jeans, etc) · Daypack (15L backpack) · Water (estimate ½ litre for every hour of the hike) · […]
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Reciprocal Club in Profile

The Royal Automobile Club

Once a month, on Pall Mall, nocturnal passers-by are treated to an oddly beautiful sight as they glimpse through the doors of the Royal Automobile Club.

A Vinous Education: Battles of the Fall

Thursday, October 15th

Club Alert

Out of an overabundance of caution…

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Club Update

Friday, October 16th

Awaiting Further Instruction…

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